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Martial Arts Training Weapons - Nine categories containing over 100 items. Everything from demo weapons to full contact.
  • Bo Staffs
    90 items. We carry foam, wood
    and Super lightweight staffs.
  • Escrima Stick
    Both rattan, wood, & foam
    sticks. Some come free carrying
  • Kamas
    Foam & Polypropylene
  • Nunchakus
    Foam Padded Practice
    chucks 5 styles
  • Practice Swords & Bokkens
    Padded bokkens and
    Swords. Foam bokkens.
  • Sai
    Practice Kamas Foam or
  • Tonfas
    Training foam practice tonfas.
    Size: 20 inches
  • Weapon Stands & Racks
    Display your martial arts weapons.
    With these stands and swords
  • Padded Weapons
    ActionFlex weapons, Padded
    swords, Escrima & more! .