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Share your martial arts stories!

Share your martial arts stories!

Making It Real…with hand targets:

Posted by Instructor & School Teacher : Julie on 7/22/2010 to Training Tips & Drills
Julie B.

I was working with my beginner students on sparring segments.  They don’t actually spar yet, they are learning timing, control, and distance.  We were working on the combination: backfist, punch, round kick.  I had them practice on the heavy bags and I even put on sparring gear and let them use me!

They could do the moves, but it just wasn’t fluid.  That’s when I got out the hand targets.    I put one on each hand and had them connect with the target.  As they got more confident, I moved backward, sideways, or forward, forcing them to adjust to meet the target.  It was great!  I tried it again, only I “hid” the target behind my back and they couldn’t strike until I brought it forward.  I really saw a difference in my kids.  They are starting to watch for openings.

Well, that was my Monday night.  I would love to hear other ideas and drills.  What are you doing and what equipment are you using to help with beginning sparring?


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Date 12/28/2010 6:45:26 PM
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Well I'm not an instructor, however I find the training of the children very interesting! I think it's a great tool for the kids to learn at such young ages so as they become adults physically along with mentally they will have enough training in the arts that they should be able to defend themselves in a bad situation. I believe this practice is something all of us should have learned as young as possible throughout the years, like speaking spanish! You should start at a very young age to gr
Date 8/18/2016
grand master m tierney 9th dan hwaranghwe
it is important to study martial arts for not only the body but most to improve one's mind body development as for myself I chose hapkidso-taekwondo to balance me out my children studied this then muay thai which improved them all martial arts have good results as long as you add maimly respect for all. mlt

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