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Share your martial arts stories!

Share your martial arts stories!

Sparring Gear According to Five Year Olds

Posted by Instructor & School Teacher : Julie on 7/12/2010 to Martial Arts Stories
Julie B.

One of my Tiny Tiger boys had finally been promoted to green belt.  At our school, this meant your first opportunity to wear all that fun, foamy sparring gear!  A tournament was coming up so the instructors were stressing the importance of protective gear, which included wearing a cup for the boys. 

My green belt Tiny Tiger was listening closely.  He couldn’t wait to spar and try to win a trophy.  He wasn’t going to get disqualified for forgetting any protective gear. 

The next class everyone brought their gear to practice for the competition.  My little green belt took out his hand gear, his feet gear, his head gear…and then asked what he was supposed to do with the DIXIE CUP that he remembered to bring along!


Reader Comments

Date 7/26/2010
Lol that is some funny stuff.
Date 7/6/2012 6:45:11 PM
Karan Dixon
I found that hard to explain to my 11 year old son, so I made my husband do it. I can't imagine not having them wear it under their uniform when they came to class lol, wow you must have been a little uncomfortable....

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