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Share your martial arts stories!

Share your martial arts stories!

Tournament Travel: A Child's Perspective

Posted by Julie: Martial Arts Teacher/Elementary Teacher on 8/13/2010 to Martial Arts Stories

The economy is down while gas prices are up. How can I possibly entice parents to travel to tournaments? Some families look at tournaments as a mini vacation. Others believe competition will help enforce good character traits in their child, such as sportsmanship and determination. What does your child or student value about competition?

My favorite tournament memory involved traveling with a yellow belt. It was going to be her very first tournament. She was so excited about going to a new state, staying in a hotel, competing for that shiny trophy...or at least, I thought that's why she was excited.

The tournament was held in Kentucky. And as we were driving she squealed, "FINALLY! I get to have REAL Kentucky Fried Chicken!"

So whether it's getting real, "Kentucky" KFC, or it's meeting new martial artist; take a moment and listen and learn. Find out why your student or child is excited and embrace it!

Happy Training!

Reader Comments

Date 11/18/2010 8:45:53 AM
kimberly rafferty
Our favorite time to remember about tournaments is when when traveled to a national event, and met the family staying in the hotel room next to us when my daughter got her finger caught in the door when it shut-We found out that the family also did martial arts and was competing-needless to say for five years straight, we go to the same tournament, and stay beside the same family. We also communicate thorughout the year and have planned trips with them- They are bestfriends with us now-I will tr
Date 3/13/2012 8:19:58 AM
We make tournaments a priority. In our family, we all compete, so it is really a family event. With prices so high, our sensei has encouraged us to look for business sponsors to help us with fees and travel expenses. Our local businesses have been wonderful and we traveled all last season with minimal out of pocket expense! As a thank you to our sponsors, we frame a collage print of action and trophy photos from the tournament for them and let them "borrow" our trophies to display in the offi
Date 9/7/2012 1:09:11 PM
al lopez
My favorite part is seeing my 8 yr old son give his all,he has only been in martial arts about 10 months.His favorite is going to our local state trournament and getting a invite to the state games of america.All of this has been just a great experance for me as a father seeing my child grow and him learn and have fun,also making new friends.

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