School Owners and Families

Posted by Anonymous on 7/22/2010 to Martial Arts Stories
Where does work stop and family start?  This is a big question a lot of school owners ask each other.

Making It Real…with hand targets:

Posted by Instructor & School Teacher : Julie on 7/22/2010 to Training Tips & Drills
Juile B. I was working with my beginner students on sparring segments. They don’t actually spar yet, they are learning timing, control, and distance

Better Product Reviews

Posted by Team Member: Diana on 7/21/2010 to Site News
Team Member: DianaAsk and you shall receive!

Confidence Kicking with your Tiny Tigers

Posted by Instructor & School Teacher : Julie on 7/13/2010 to Training Tips & Drills
Julie B.Our school has a couple of free-standing punching bags, but I’m always nervous my little martial artists will kick the hard plastic stands.

Sparring Gear According to Five Year Olds

Posted by Instructor & School Teacher : Julie on 7/12/2010 to Martial Arts Stories
Julie B.One of my Tiny Tiger boys had finally been promoted to green belt. At our school, this meant your first opportunity to wear all that fun, foamy sparring gear!

Karate Comedy: Bug Style

Posted by Instuctor / School Teacher : Julie on 7/6/2010 to Martial Arts Stories
JulieI had been working really hard with my students on joint locks. We were borrowing from the Hapkido martial arts.

New Brushed Cotton Uniform

Posted by Team Member: Denny on 7/1/2010 to New Product Introductions
A new karate uniform that looks and feels great.